It’s Poem Time!

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Ever since my first poem post got so much love and support and got feature in one of the weeks recap, I decided to make another poem that involves my lovely artwork! The reason why I decided to make another poem is because some of artwork has a story around it and some heartfelt words gives me so many ideas, yet they suddenly just vanished like a faded memory. So, I just go by what my heart tells me or even my gut and just write down on paper! I put my heart and soul into this and if you guys enjoy this poem, pls send me some love and support and be sure to follow my blog! I love you, Lovelies and Until Then, May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!

“Home” By Kalaya’h Norris

In a forest of memories, I sit alone under a tree where there’s nothing but silence…

The leaves fly through the sky like a bird whose ready to flip its wings…

In my hand is a photo of me, and my family…I see, yet feel Joy and Happiness when I touch the photo…

It remains me of home…

“Home..” The words flew out like a butterfly being released for the first time…

Tears, I held back, came down like a waterfall…

my body started shaking vigorously like non-stop…

“Is This The Feeling Of Being Homesick…?”

I felt like thousands of knives were stabbing me in the heart…

My One Weakness…

Doubts kept on pouring out of my mind like I was ready to give up…

To give into this misery…

Until, a voice shouted out my name from a far that broke me from this misery…

My body started to move on its own and my tears stopped…

Who Could it Be…?

I ran to the mysterious voice and tried to shout back at it…

I felt like I ran for hours, but time has its way to fool you…

Somehow, the voice started to get louder and louder, but it sounds like a group yelling my name…

My feet started to move faster than ever like the courage took control of me…

Suddenly, when I looked up, the voices disappeared and when I looked up, I saw my village across my way…

“Home…” Words escaped my mouth again…

As I walked towards my home, looking astonished, I see my family along the way…

It felt like months have passed by ever since I was gone…

My family and friends were looking for me for the longest of times, yet…

They Found Me…

Tears were bursting out of my eyes and the wind blow through my hair…

Seconds later, my body moved and I felt like I was smiling…

I Finally Found My Home…

Our Home…

I hope you guys enjoyed my poem and to be honest, this was a very long poem that took ages (Not really) for me to make! Anyways, I hope you guys stay safe and Until then, Stay Tuned!

It’s Been A While…

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Phew!! It’s been such a long time since I’ve been on here! Sorry for worrying those who were wondering were I was! Ever since the corona virus got out and started creating this chaos around the world, I was feeling a bit down and also depressed. I couldn’t think straight at all, got too stressed out about my work (My Projects, animations, etc.) and also I’ve been providing for my family. I was really stressed out and started to lose my motivation slowly because of not seeing my friends or my peers from school, which really had a big influence on me and my life.

Now due to the whole situation thats happening to all of us, I can’t see nor hug my peers or my friends or even hang out with them. I started to get lazier and lazier by every month that passes by and… I feel like I’m letting myself down and letting the people who have grown on me down as well. But, now that’s gonna change and I know it will because I have you, my supporters, my peers, my friends and family and I’m never gonna leave ever again!

Naruto! Picture Day!

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It is that time again and you probably know the drill, but I would love to bring it up again just to refresh your memories. It is time for Fan Art, but with style! With every picture that I show you guys, I’ll be telling a story about these pictures I’ve created with other artists across the world! So, I hope you guys enjoy this lovely post and stay tuned till the end!

Collab with Cupiovulpes!

So, this picture was a collab with Cupio and I love how she represents her art, which is unique and adorable like a chibi (it’s a slang Japanese word that describes people as a short person)! Her art is very simple, yet adorable with cute expressions and I love how unique her style is, which makes her art more interesting and lovable! So many artists inspired me to create my own kind of style, but I think that Cupiovulpes inspired me the most. Someday, I want to meet her in person and give my thanks to her for helping me out through my darkest times and keeping my motivation up! Now, it’s time for a short story!

In Konoha (The Village Hidden In The Leaves), today was a big day for Team 9 because finally, the last exam was here and ready to go! Araya became excited and relieved that the exam was coming to an end and that she was going to get promoted as a Chunin. Lydia was kinda worried about the whole final exam because she felt like she would do terrible on the exam, but Masumi comforts her and tells her that she’ll do fine on it, which made her feel calm. Angel didn’t exactly get nervous nor terrified about the final exam because she really didn’t care if she was or wasn’t going to be a chunin and that being a chunin doesn’t change what you are. Araya asked her about the final exam, saying if she was excited, but Angel responded with a smile, “I’m actually not too excited nor scared about the exam because in the end, the ranking doesn’t change who you are and besides, we’ll be doing more significant missions, which sucks”.

Araya smiles at Angel and tells her to feel good about the exam and always have a good attitude if she wanted to pass. Angel smiles at Araya and slightly pushes her on the shoulder, saying, “You always know how to make others feel good, don’t you?” Araya chuckles and responds to Angel’s question, “Hey, it’s a curse that I have and also a job of mine!” The team laughs and Lydia smiled brightly. As Team 9 walks toward the academy, Araya bumps into someone and catches herself from falling onto the ground. She apologizes to the unknown figure and when she looked up, the figure was her friend, Kasumi Inuzuza. “Kasumi-chan!” Araya yells and hugs Kasumi. “Araya-san! Hey! Are you taking the Chunin test?” Kasumi asked. “Yeah! You too!” Araya asked back. “Yeah! This is so awesome! We’re both gonna be Chunins!” Kasumi said excitedly. Then one of the jounin ninjas asked every student from the academy to come in and get prepared for the exam.

Before Araya and Kasumi went into the academy, they both decided to take a picture after the exam was over and done with. They ran into the academy, then got to class and prepare themselves for the final exam. 3 hours have passed and finally, the scores were in. Araya was nervous at first but became excited to see what her score was. One of the jounins came into the classroom, explaining how everyone did on the exam and finally, he got straight to the scores of the exam. He started passing back the exam to others and Araya became terrified. What if she didn’t pass the exam or didn’t do a great job on it? What if she gets kicked out of the academy and never reaches her dream of becoming a Hokage? Her thoughts started to take control of her, but Kasumi puts her hand on her shoulder and tells her to not worry at all. Araya felt calm and collected and as the jounin gave her back her exam, she looked surprised and started to cry. Kasumi saw her tears on her face and she comforts her, but as she looked at her paper, Araya got an A on the exam. She wasn’t crying no tears of sadness, but tears of happiness and joy.

Kasumi got her exam back, and she passed with flying colors. After the class received their exams and the jounin talked a bit about everyones final score, class was dismissed and both Araya and Kasumi jumped in the air with excitement. Araya’s teammates came by and shown their scores on the exam, which they passed also. Lydia was surprised about the score she got and Angel wasn’t showing no excitement, but indeed showed boredom. Araya was wondering what kind of score Angel and Lydia got because she was a bit curious, so both of them decided to show Kasumi and Araya their scores and Angel’s scores was the highest out of everyone’s including Lydia’s. Araya starts to suspect that Angel’s intelligence matched up to Kakashi’s and that nobody would’ve get the highest as Angel did. After bragging about the exam, Masumi walked towards the girls to congratulate them on their exam and tell them that their first chunin training starts tomorrow and the mission itself starts the nex day. Team 9 became determined and felt joy within them that they wanted to celebrate at Masumi’s place. Masumi agreed and walked away, while Team 9 talked about the mission and the training.

After a long conversation, Lydia and Angel decided to go to Masumi’s house and stay there till the party starts, which was gonna start during midnight. Araya said that she will be there a bit later than today since she wanted to spend some time with Kasumi and the girls nodded their heads and left. During the daytime, Araya and Kasumi spend time with each other, and went out to go shopping. Everything was going great, until Araya forgot about the party. She was running out of time, but wanted to spend the last 30 mins with Kasumi, but she couldn’t. Kasumi then suggested that they both should take a picture together, but they had to find someone till the party started. They looked and looked and was about to give up till her mother came to the rescue. She took the camera, owned by Araya and snapped a couple of photos. Kasumi’s mother gave back the camera and one of the photos to Araya and Kasumi and went back home.

Araya then hugs Kasumi and runs over to Masumi’s house where the party was at. She made it just in time and Team 9 celebrates their graduation. After the party was over, Team 9 suggest that they should stay with Masumi and her son and daughter since they were tired and yet again, Masumi agreed but was being a bit skeptical. Team 9 spend the night with Masumi and somehow, Masumi smiled with happiness that her students came all this way and succeeded on their own. Finally, after a long day, Team 9 falls into a deep sleep and that’s where the story ends at, fellas!

I hope you guys enjoyed this long short story of mine and until then, May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!

Kingdom Hearts New Dawn Spoilers! Part 1

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Good news, I finally made a title for my Kingdom Hearts manga, which is called, “Kingdom Hearts New Dawn” and I’m finally creating a cover for my manga! It took some time to get everything situated, but I finally achieved my goal and I’m ready to go! Also, I’m officially doing short comics, short stories, requests, probably commissions and more! So, if you guys have any ideas or requests for me, leave it in the comment section down below! Okay, onto today’s post!

Now, I know I shouldn’t be doing this and keep my manga spoilers free, but I’m feeling generous today, so I’ll give you some spoilers about some characters, the story, and more! Sadly, I don’t have any drawings nor pics of them, so I’ll be using some images as references and to build-up excitement and interest, but I won’t be using or stealing someone’s art for my purpose. So, hope you guys enjoy this post and stay tuned for other posts!

The Realm of Peace

(Remember! All of these pics are just references that I’m using. Thank you!)

In my last post, I reveal a background story about my OC, Faith and also revealing a kingdom called, “The Realm Of Peace” that kept both realms (Light and Dark) at peace. However, I only gave you guys a small amount of info about the kingdom and what’s its purpose, so in order to help you guys understand it more, I’m going to explain how it was created and more! You see, the realm of peace was created by the hearts of children and alongside the realm, there was a castle ruled by Queen Yelena’s mother and father who were the finders/creators of the realm. Due to the children’s hopes and dreams creating such a miracle, the realm was able to put a stop to the Keyblade War, until 30 years later. Faith goes on an adventure to save her family and suddenly, met a girl named Yuffie (a final fantasy character). She gives Yuffie a fight, until she stopped fighting and recognized her as Yelena’s and Magnus’ good friend. Then Faith explained what happened to Yuffie and she told her to come in the clinic to explain to the others. That’s when Sora and Faith met each other and became friends. After leaving to go on their journey, they end up finding a couple of weird looking creatures that landed on Sora’s back and their names were Donald and Goofy. They were King Mickey’s royal assistances and they went to go look for him after he disappeared, which made Minnie worried. Faith knew who they were and was glad to see them again after 8 and a half years. And then they’re journey begins

The Organization XIII

The Organization XIII captures Destiny (Faith’s little sister) and stole her heart in order to awaken Kingdom Hearts, putting her in a deep sleep. The Organization XIII knew that Destiny’s body was no use to them anymore and knew they could dispose of her body, but they decided to put use into it and use her body against her family. Somehow, Magnus, heart (The king of the realm of peace) finds its way to Destiny’s body and started to fight off the darkness that was inside Destiny. Faith makes her way to “The End of The World” with her friends, Sora, Donald and Goofy and before they could go after Ansem (seeker of darkness) and Riku (Sora’s best friend), the four of them decided to separate to go save their family and friends. Faith finds her sister and had to free her from the darkness, but the only way was to fight her. Sora and his allies find Yelena, trapped in a barrier of darkness and Sora was about to free her, until one of the organization members appeared and decided to fight him.

Ansem The Seeker of Darkness

Sora defeats the organization member and frees Yelena from the barrier of darkness. Yelena is now safe, but Faith was now in danger since she was now alone, fighting her own sister. She thank Sora and his friends for freeing her and ran off to go and save her daughters. Faith was now wounded by Destiny and she couldn’t seem to reach her even if she screamed her name, but somehow, a miracle happened. Magnus was able to take control of Destiny’s body and stop the darkness from controlling her. Magnus tells her that it was him who was helping her out, and that Destiny’s heart was taking by a man named, Ansem. Destiny knew that she had to defeat him in order to save her sister and save the worlds from corrupting in darkness, so she left her father behind and continued forward to Ansem. Sora and his friends made their way up to castle and found Kairi who is unconscious. Sora and Riku go at it with each other and Riku wasn’t the Riku that Sora knew. It was Ansem all along and Sora kept on fighting for Kairi’s sake, until Faith was able to make it with her mother right behind her and the three of them defeated Ansem, releasing her sister’s heart. Kairi wasn’t able to wake up, so Sora, after finding out that Kairi’s heart was in his body, he got the keyblade and stabbed himself with it. Kairi’s heart returns to her body and all of the princess’s heart return also, but Sora faded away and as Kairi was about to catch him, he disappears.

Yelena went back for Destiny and waited for her to wake up, while Sora and Faith had to find a way to door of darkness. Riku and Mickey showed up behind the door and was helping out Sora and Faith close it, but the darkness was too strong that kept on pushing the door wide open. Destiny appeared with Yelena and the family was reunited once again. The door was opening more and everybody was pushing the door back, but couldn’t until… Faith had to make a life or death decision… Either she closes the door with everybody and go back to her family, or… sacrifice her life to save her family and friends. She didn’t know what to do, nut she let her heart decides and make the final call. Yelena knew what her decision was and all she could do was nod her head and accept for her daughter’s choice. Faith then ran through the door, summoned her keyblade and used a spell that Magnus’ taught her, Ultima.

Faith was able to push back the door with the help of Mickey and Riku, but somehow, Destiny stopped pushing and decided to run through the door. Yelena stops her by grabbing her lower waist and Destiny was struggling to save her. Faith watched as her sister drifts away apart from her and all she could do was cry, yet smile. Sora and the others stop pushing as well and watched as Faith pushes the door back. She said to her friends and family that they will be reunited someday in the future and those words ignited them, especially Destiny. As the door closes slowly, everybody started to say their farewells and Yelena couldn’t resist for her tears of sadness. The door is finally closed and Destiny broke down, crying for her sister. The others watched in despair while Destiny cried and cried for her sister to come back and Yelena… was just heartbroken.┬áThat’s all the spoilers I have for you today lovelies!

Be sure to stick around my blog if you want to know the rest of the spoilers and be sure to support my second blog! Until then, May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!

My First Rant Post!

Hey guys! Just a quick post for my blog! I finally made a ranting post, which I’m proud of! I want you guys to go and support my second blog and comment on my rant. I’ll leave a link down below and just a warning! There will be cursing because it’s a ranting post and also it’s probably gonna call out some people. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy my little rant and Until Then, May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key

School Hallways


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Update Time!

So, it has come to my conclusion that I might move all of my non-anime and uncompleted series posts to my second blog. The reason is being that my blog focuses more on anime-related stuff and with my blog focusing on that I feel like bringing something that’s not anime-related is out of blue. My blog is supposed to be about anime and at least video games, not about my opinions or me ranting about something that I don’t like. Also, another reason is that my series tend to be on hold while I’m working on a post that’s due next week and I believe that one day, I’ll cancel my series that I’ve worked so hard on, which I don’t want to do.

So, in order to save my series and my blog, I had to make another blog that focuses more on reality and will help me complete my series. Hope you guys understand and support my second blog! I’ll leave a link down below for you guys to go and check out and thanks for understanding! Until Then, May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!

Moonlight Destiny

Kingdom Hearts OC

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You know what time it is and the time has come yet again! It is time for my Kingdom Hearts Ocs to steal the sunlight and steal the love from my Naruto Ocs! So, prepare yourself because we’re going for a ride y’all! I hope you guys enjoy the little OC that I’ve prepared for y’all today and I’ll see you at the end of the post! Stay Tuned, fellas!

First Design

Second Design

Just a quick note before we get into today’s post, I made a couple designs on my OC to see which outfit looked better on her, but if I had to choose then it would be the first design! The second is… Okay, but it could have been better. Anyways, let’s get this show on the road!

The story starts off with two royalists, who ruled over the kingdom called, “The Realm of Peace” and this kingdom was keeping both realms (Light and Dark) at peace. The kingdom was ruled over by Queen Yelena and King Magnus, alongside them was their two daughters, Princess Faith (The oldest daughter) and Princess Destiny (The youngest daughter). (QUICK NOTE AGAIN! Faith is actually a Keyblade Master and also soon to be Queen, while her sister is still training to become a Keyblade Wielder! And before you start to wonder, Faith is 15 years old and Destiny is 14 years old). Before Yelena and Magnus became king and queen, they were Keyblade Masters and also the Guardians of Light that were trained by Master Eraqus! Yelena and Magnus were childhood friends and training buddies until their friendship turned into something else. They both fell in love with each other and became lovers (Some lovey-dovey stuff right here man TvT). After they got married and had two daughters with a special gift that was given to them, they both made a promise to never mentioned or speak about their adventures and the realm of darkness, because they felt like they would put their kids in danger if they knew any information about the realm. So, months had passed and the family continued to live at peace without no problem whatsoever. Queen Yelena took great care of her daughters and King Magnus trained his daughters to become a Keyblade Master and Wielder. Everything in the Realm of Peace was going according to plan, until one day… when it was Destiny’s 14th birthday…everything started to take its toll and began anew for the family…

During her celebration of her 14th birthday, Faith heard something at the front door and she decided to check outside the window if anything seemed weird. What she saw was the darkness, trying to consume the kingdom and creating the heartless. Faith rushed to her family and told them that there was something taking over the kingdom and making these weird-looking creatures. Yelena and Magnus didn’t believe it at first, but when the lights started flickering and exploded into pieces, they knew that Faith was telling the truth. Magnus decided to go outside and fight the heartless while his wife stayed with her children and protect them from the heartless, even the darkness itself. When he got outside, all he saw was nothing, but the darkness surrounding his kingdom with his family inside, which made him incredibly angry. Blinded by rage, he summoned his keyblade and started fighting against the heartless and the nobodies. Yelena and the girls stayed and watched as Magnus destroying the heartless and the nobodies until a couple of them appeared in the kingdom and went after Yelena and her kids. Somehow, something flickered in Yelena’s head that made her body act on its own and suddenly she stood up, summoned her keyblade and sliced through the nobodies. Faith and Destiny were surprised by their mother, snapping at the nobodies and striking them down with one blow, which made Faith want to fight alongside her parents. Yelena didn’t support her idea and told her that she needed to stay with her sister at all costs. With an upset look on her face, she knew that it wasn’t the time to argue and she decided to stay with her sister. (And before you guys question it, no she is not upset just because she wants to fight and all, but she is upset that she couldn’t fight alongside with her parents and protect her kingdom).

Magnus and Yelena were fighting their hardest to protect their children and the kingdom, but the darkness flew right inside of the kingdom and went after Destiny and Faith. The darkness got a hold of the girls and was about to drift them away from their parents, but Yelena used her light attack to save her girls. Faith and Destiny were free, but the darkness didn’t give up that easily… Somehow, the darkness got a hold of Destiny and tried to take her away from her family, but Faith was able to grab her hand and pull her away from the darkness. Yelena was about to her light attack, but the darkness got a hold of her and she didn’t have the ability to fight. Faith got detracted by my mom and Destiny’s hand was about to slip out of Faith’s. Faith was holding on her sister dear life and a tear came down off of her face. Faith was crying, and so was Destiny, but her hand slipped out of Faith’s and now the darkness had her. Destiny screamed for her life that Magnus heard it from above the darkness and the one thing that Magnus did was going after his daughter, but it was too late. The darkness surrounded everything and eventually, it got a hold of Magnus. Magnus struggled to get to Yelena and Faith, but the darkness was too strong for him.

Suddenly, he heard a voice that sounded like a young man who has given into the darkness and became its seeker. Magnus didn’t know who that voice was, but there was a figure flying towards his direction, smirking evilly. It was a man that was wearing a black hood over his head and wearing a black cloak that was trying to represent the darkness. Magnus knew he was in trouble and couldn’t do anything at the moment, but just shout. “Who are you?! What have you done with my daughter?! What do you want from us?!” Magnus shouted. The man in the black cloak didn’t do anything, but looked around and said, “Darkness will consume all…” Magnus was confused for a moment, but the darkness brought Yelena to him. When he saw her, he started to struggle and shout out, “Leave my wife out of this!!” Yelena saw Magnus, struggling for his life, she called out his name and shed a tear, Seeing him made her struggle even more than, but the man in black was about to do something to Magnus.

Faith went outside to check on her parents and all she saw was the man in black trapping her parents in the darkness, which made her angry. She screamed, “Leave my mother and father alone!” and as a response, Magnus turned his head and yelled, “Faith! Get out of here!” Faith shook her head and the man in black saw her and said while pointing at her, “The Vessel of Darkness…” “No! My daughter will never fall into the Darkness!” Yelena yelled, but the man in black didn’t say anything yet got closer to Magnus. Magnus knew that he was about to do something to him and he told his wife that everything’s going to be okay. Yelena shook her head and as she struggles to free herself from the darkness, the man in black took Magnus’ heart out and destroyed the last remains of his body. Faith and Yelena witness his death right in front of their eyes and Yelena was screaming in pain and anger. Faith cried her eyes out and Yelena struggled for her life, telling the man in black that one day, she’ll have her revenge. Again, the man in black didn’t say anything, but turned over and looked at Faith while she was bawling her eyes out. “Don’t you dare touch my child, you monster!” Yelena shouted, but then the darkness started surrounding Faith that couldn’t even see her mother anymore and the man in black and Queen Yelena disappeared…

There was nothing, but the darkness that was surrounding Faith and the darkness was about to corrupt Faith’s heart and mind until she heard a voice that said, “Don’t Give Up…” These words enlightened Faith’s heart and suddenly, the voice bestowed a gift that was from the light to Faith and that gift was a keyblade.”Your heart and soul called out to the light and bestowed you a weapon that seeks the truth…Follow your heart and the path that you’ve chose….May your heart be your guiding heart…” The voice fades away and Faith felt the courage and love that she needed to cut through the darkness! The light was too strong, not even the darkness could handle it and Faith took out most of the enemies. Faith now holds a keyblade of truth and she began to take out the heartless and the nobodies. After finishing off the final boss, Faith stood up and looked at the keyblade, astonished, but it didn’t last for a second. Suddenly the kingdom started to fall apart and Faith was trying to look for a way out, but there wasn’t. Until, a black portal appeared right in front of Faith, but it was no walkway for her to even reach the portal. So, she decided to get a running start and take a leap of faith. Building up she had left, Faith ran as fast as she can and jumped through the portal. And that’s when her journey begins…

Thank you all so much for sticking around and let me you, this might be the longest post I’ve ever made! It took me 3 days to make this post and I finally got it done! Anyways, thank you all so much for the love and support and Until Then, May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key.

Kingdom Hearts! Introduction!

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The new month has started and I am ready to mangle than ever, lovelies! So, this topic is gonna be different from the rest because we will be exploring my most favorite games of all time that I hold dear to my heart and forever be married to this game till the day that I die. This game helped me through my darkest times and made me cry for 12 hours straight. This masterpiece is called, “Kingdom Hearts”.

Image result for kingdom hearts 2 cover art"

Kingdom Hearts 1

Image result for kingdom hearts 2"

Kingdom Hearts 2

Image result for kingdom hearts 3 artwork"

Kingdom Hearts 3

For anyone who doesn’t know what kingdom hearts is and what it’s purpose, Kingdom Hearts is a series of action role-playing games that focuses on a battle between Light and Darkness that’s been going on for about hundreds of years. This series was developed and also published by Tetsuya Nomura, the direction of Square Enix! Fun fact Kingdom Hearts was actually a collaboration between Disney and Square Enix, which was pretty awesome and interesting to me (Also if y’all didn’t notice, Mickey, Donald and Goofy are on each and every cover that Nomura has created). It still amazes me that Disney would partner up with Square Enix and create this beautiful masterpiece, but what do you expect? Everything that Square Enix does just blows the audience away like Disney does, well sometimes of course.

You play as the main protagonist Sora, a Keyblade wielder, traveling through the world of disney with Donald and Goofy trying to stop the heartless (Manifestations of the darkness born in people’s hearts that threaten to engulf all of the world into darkness) invasion by sealing each world’s keyhole, restore peace to the realm and save his family and friends from the darkness. This story is really confusing, but you have to play all of the kingdom hearts games in order to understand what’s happening in the story! I love this game with all of heart because it helped me through my darkest times and got me through my own fears that I had. This game made me who I am today and told me to be myself, even if I’m bi, weird or even a waste of time. Being your own self matters to you and the people you’ve grown to love, so don’t try to impress someone or give someone a good thought about you. It’s too much stress and a waste of time.

I’ve always put myself in that position, but thanks to Kingdom Hearts, I’m able to see through it. The darkness took over my mind and also took my life away from me in the past, but now I’m stronger and will never lose heart ever again. Thank you all so much for enjoying this amazing post of mine and Until Then, May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key!

P.S. There will be another post where I reveal the villains, but that’s another story for another day!

Team 9’s Arch Nemesis! The Leader Of B.P.S Is Here?!

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You already know what it is and what’s up. We’re almost at the end of this crazy adventure with Team 9 and we all know the truth about Araya and her past. So, I hope that you all enjoy this episode and stay tuned for the next!

Danuja Sands

Sakae Sands

The episode starts off with Team 9, still on the search for Araya and becoming extremely tired of the stress and the battle they’ve fought. It has almost been about 2 days since the search started and there was no luck whatsoever on Araya’s location. Team 9 became extremely worried and the search party was about to give up until there were footsteps that Angel found. They weren’t Araya’s though, but the footsteps looked exactly like a rogue ninja and somehow the ninja left a trail that led to the hideout. Team 9 became relieved with smiles on their face and started following them, but there was someone watching from afar, with an unknown ninja.

Masumi, the sensei, sensed a sinister charka that was much stronger than Angel’s and Lydia’s and she warned the girls to stay together at all costs. Then the two shadowy figures appear and one of them threw a weapon called “Naginata” (a traditional weapon used by the feudal Japanese Samurais). Surprised, Masumi grabs the girls and dodges the Naginata in a flash. Somehow she recognizes the weapon a long time ago when she was in a battle between her best friend, well ex now (Quick note! Masumi, my Oc had lost an eye during a battle between her best friend, but she was gifted by the six paths sage himself when she was at the brink of death. Masumi has a mark on her face and arm called, “The Blessing of The Phoenix” or Zazegan. The Zazegan is a Kekkei Genkei that allows the user to shapeshift into anything animal or person they touch and copy their own abilities. Also Masumi has a blue phoenix that guides her and is made out of fire that doesn’t harm anybody)

Recognizing the weapon brought her so many memories that were so devastating that she even locked them away for good measures. The two figures land on the ground still smirking and one of them grabbed their Naginata that was right in front of Team 9. The group prepared themselves for a fight that was about to happen, but for some reason, Masumi’s body just reacted on it’s own and got in front of the girls. She knew that they were unable to go up against the two figures that were stronger than them and knew that they were going to die. The girls wanted to stay by Masumi’s side and fight, but she says in a brave tone, “Go on without me… I’ll be fine on my own…” Her words affected the girls and gave them the courage to move on, but somehow Lydia was being too hardheaded.

Angel told her that either you die here and now or live on to see another day and Lydia just stood there, grinding her teeth. She wished that there was another way for Masumi to come with them, but it was too late… Lydia just nodded her head and the two of them separate from Masumi, but one of the figures knew their intentions and decided to follow them. This triggered a fight between the unknown figure and Masumi, which made them remembered the good old days. Masumi knew who this unknown person was and what kind of connection they had in the past. This person was Sakae Sands and alongside her was her own sister, Danuja Sands (Just a brief information about them! They were abused by their parents and they decided to kill their parents and leave the sand village! Also the organization’s leader is Danuja and Sakae is her right hand woman!)

Sakae and Masumi looked at each other with a burning passion to go all out and fight to the death. During that time, Angel and Lydia were still following the trail of footsteps, but we’re under attack by Danuja. Danuja sends out a hundred needles of sand and the girls were able to dodge and reflect her attack. They all land on the ground safely and the girls were ready to attack Danuja. Angel knew that she was way too strong for them to even handle and they didn’t know what to do, but there was one thing that Angel thought of that would change everything and that was for her and Lydia to split up. Lydia, of course was being too stubborn and she insisted that she stays with Angel and fight with her. Angel yells at Lydia and told her to go on without her, but Lydia didn’t say a word. Silence was in the air until Danuja breaks it by saying “You cannot defeat me. You’re just a bunch of brats who are a waste of time and a poor excuse of a ninja”.

Her words fed the rage and hatred within Lydia that she told her to shut up, but she didn’t. She continued spazzing out nonsense and kept on feeding the rage within Lydia until Angel stops her from saying anything more. Angel said with courage, “We will stop you and your organization from causing havoc among the village!” and Danuja was amused. She kept on saying that they’re just kids and they will always be looked at a weaklings, but then Lydia snapped and punched Danuja in the face. She was able to recover the punch and get back on her feet before Lydia could do anything else. Somehow, a tear appears on Lydia’s face and Angel looked at her, concerned. She said that she was sick and tired of people, looking down on her and also protecting her like she was a damsel in distress or needed everyone to save her all the time. After her older brother passed away from being killed by Itachi Uchiha, she devoted herself to become something great in the future and also get stronger in order to protect her friends and family. Then….

She finally did it! She mastered the second stage of the sharingan and she was able to control its power. Danuja was surprised, yet astonishes that she was able to see the sharingan for the first time. Angel was proud of Lydia overcoming her fears and accepting herself as a human being. Lydia smiled at Angel and walked over to her side, ready to take down Danuja once and for all. Angel smiles back at Lydia and build up with courage, Angel’s eyes transformed into the “Uncompleted” form of her kekkei Genkei, which is Joragan. (Joragan is a Kekkei Genkei that allows it’s user to create weapons at will and also take the opponent’s jutsu and use it at their advantage!) They were more than ready and Danuja was ready to put down these brats who called themselves a ninja. The three of them end of clashing with each other and that’s where the episode ends. With so much steak, Team 9 fights through their way in order to save their friend and due to their bravery and courage, they’re able to push on to victory, especially Araya herself. But will they able to take down the organization by themselves and claim victory? Will Team 9 ever know the truth about Araya? Find out in the next episode!

Thank you so much for sticking around and tell me in the comments of what you think about this episode! Who do you think will win? Also, there will be three more post about my story and hopefully you guys stick around for that! And until then, Stay Tuned!

Rest In Parade, Kobe Bryant & Gianna….

Hey guys… what is up… It’s your girl, the one and only, BeautyBeatz…Coming in with a sad post for today…

I have been reported that Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna… Passed away from a plane crash…. and I don’t know if I can go on with life with this hurt and pain… Kobe Bryant is a legendary person that I’ve ever know in my life and to see him and his daughter died at the same time is just…heartbreaking to me and a lot of people… I’ve lost my motivation to keep on going and seeing someone who is a hero and legend to others just breaks them apart from reality…

And it sucks how you only have one life that you wasted because of your death… I wish there was a way for people to just get one more chance in life, but there isn’t… Please send your prayers and hopes to their family because they’re devastated by this news… And send your prayers to me and others to get through this hurt and pain that they’re leaving us all… And remember to stay tuned fellas… I love you all…

We love you, Kobe Bryant and Gianna…